Course category: 
Self-paced course
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, IFRC

Market Assessments: Introduction

Aim(s) of the course include:

  • To familiarise the participants with the principles of market assessment and why they should be considering markets when assessing, designing and implementing emergency programmes.
  • To provide the basic knowledge of and the ability to advocate for conducting market assessments as standard practice in an emergency.
  • To enable the RC/RC volunteers and staff in communicating and justifying market assessments for a good response options analysis to others (e.g. senior management and donors).
  • To introduce the market assessment tools (RAM and MAG) available to be used following a shock.

Course Objetives
Market assessments should be an integral part of any emergency needs assessment following a shock or hazard. Analysis of this market assessment is a key for designing appropriate response options and ongoing monitoring of key markets systems and commodities is essential to ensure the designed programme stays relevant. The results of the 1market assessment should then feed into the initial response options analysis enabling operations teams to make informed decisions on the programmes to be implemented and the most appropriate types and combinations of assistance (goods, cash transfers and/or services) to be delivered.

Target audience
Humanitarian practitioners with limited market expertise.