Delivery mechanism

"Delivery mechanism refers to the means of delivering a cash or voucher transfer (e.g. smart card, mobile money transfers, cash in envelopes, etc.) (CaLP 2017)."

Design tweaks

The design of social protection programmes and systems can be adjusted in a way that takes into consideration the crises that a country typically faces. These are small adjustments to a routine social protection programme. They can introduce flexibility to maintain the regular service in a shock. For example, the Philippines allows compliance with conditionality for its cash transfer programme, Pantawid, to be waived in a calamity. Alternatively, they can improve coverage, timeliness or...

Disability Insurance

“Under most social security programmes, disability benefits for persons assessed as permanently disabled as the result of non-work-related causes are very similar to those provided for old age. In one sense, the disability benefit may be regarded as an early retirement pension, granted in prescribed circumstances. In most countries, legislation is framed accordingly. The same basic formula usually applies for total disability as for old age – a cash amount usually expressed as a percentage of...

Disaster risk reduction

"Disaster risk reduction means, according to the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, ‘actions taken to reduce the risk of disasters and the adverse impacts of natural hazards, through systematic efforts to analyse and manage the causes of disasters, including through avoidance of hazards, reduced social and economic vulnerability to hazards, and improved preparedness for adverse events’ (European Commission 2012)."

Disasters and Crisis

"A disaster is a sudden, calamitous event that seriously disrupts the functioning of a community or society and causes human, material, and economic or environmental losses that exceed the community’s or society’s ability to cope using its own resources. Though often caused by nature, disasters can have human origins. A disaster occurs when a hazard impacts on vulnerable people. The combination of hazards, vulnerability and inability to reduce the potential negative consequences of risk results...