Social protection for sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR)

Much progress has been achieved in reducing maternal mortality in the last 20 years. Still more than 800 women die daily of causes related to pregnancy and child birth. Most of them could be prevented by access to health care and services, medical technology and by means of social protection. Good sexual and reproductive health and rights are a human right and key in achieving women’s rights and gender equality.

Globally over 200 million women do not have access to modern contraceptives although they would want to use them. Reasons for this are women’s and girls’ poor social status and lack of decision making power, lack of infor-mation, services and contraceptives. This leads to too early and too frequent unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, child and forced marriage, girls’ dropout from school, enhancing a vicious circle of poverty.

These issues set stark barriers for girls and women to live healthy lives, go to school and complete their educa-tion and participate in income generating work. They also prevent inclusion in social and political life outside the home and living to one’s full potential.