Long-term Care of Older Persons in Singapore

This paper attempts to outline the development, functioning and financing of the health and social care system in Singapore. It focuses on long-term care services and the challenges it faces in meeting the needs of changing demographics. As such this paper reviews key areas of the health system including its financing, implementation and overall policy direction as well as exploring some of the critical agencies involved in providing care for older persons. Further, it highlights the need for Singapore to establish a more holistic long-term care system. In particular the paper suggests that the Government should work towards developing a strong community-based care management service as an important care integrator; adopting a national care needs assessment framework to ensure appropriate allocation of resources; scaling up services (such as number of hospital beds and caretakers) to meet demand; and increasing the income security of older persons. As Singapore continues to age a transition from an acute care focus to a long-term care perspective will do much to support the growing older population.