Last updated: 03/12/2020
Programme objectives

SP4SDG is a UN Joint Programme that aims to support the Government of Malawi to enhance the social protection system to meet emergency food needs and reduce the vulnerability of those most at risk of food insecurity by 2022, while strengthening the social protection system for all vulnerable households across the lifecycle. The programme combines advancing an innovative Shock-Sensitive Social Protection (SSSP) prototype with reinforced financial structures and the transformation of existing policies into legal frameworks to enhance the existing social protection system to be more robust, comprehensive, and sustainable, leaving no one behind.

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Component 1) A Shock Responsive Social Protection Prototype: The SP4SDG SSSP Prototype will build on previous investments to support a governmental social protection system that meets seasonal needs, prepares for and responds to shocks together with the humanitarian sector, and supports recovery and the return to regular programming. Component 2) Financial Structure: Creating the fiscal space required to expand social protection to those most in need is crucial to the sustainability of the social protection system in Malawi. Information in the form of budget analyses and forecasts helps inform economic planning. There is great potential for identifying sustainable financing solutions through the exploration of innovative public and private structures. Component 3) Legal Framework: Legal frameworks play a vital role in increasing government investment in social protection. Malawi has an opportunity to develop a comprehensive legal framework that ensures access to those eligible for support and is responsive to the needs of vulnerable Malawians.
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