Last updated: 21/9/2020
Programme objectives

The program provides an environment conducive to the detection of opportunities, aid in the formulation of business strategies, access to resources for the start-up and strengthening of agro industrial enterprises for rural youth between the ages of 18 and 40. Through a call for proposals, the program aims to encourage rural youth to lead their own projects, through which the program seeks to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. At the same time the program seeks to strengthen the creation of new local businesses of agro industrial nature and services, encouraging diversification and productive innovation, as well as to support regional and rural development and to promote the creation of more and better quality jobs.

Geographic area
Previous programme name (if any)
Start date
Programme components
i) Promotion of rural work; ii) Calls for productive projects - promotion of rural enterprises.
Conditionalities (if any)
Contribution type and amount
Targeted areas
Rural and Nationwide
Target groups
Rural youth between the ages of 18 and 40
Eligibility criteria
For the calls, there is a deadline for the submission of projects, which are evaluated by the Jury, who evaluates and selects the projects of the rural youths depending on the following factors: - Originality of the business idea presented. - Quality of data used as support to the work and technical solidity of the business plan. - Attendance at the courses given during the period of the call. - Potential impact in terms of creating wealth, creating employment and / or associating with other entrepreneurs. - Personal background and balance of the team or entrepreneur presenting the plan; they may be obtained during the process of Tutoring and / or Training.
Eligibility reassessment (if any)
Amount of benefits
Payment/delivery frequency
Benefit delivery mechanism
Benefit recipients
i) Rural youth between the ages of 18-40; ii) Rural youth between the ages of 18 and 40 who are simultaneously the owners of the projects to be undertaken.
Minimum and maximum duration of benefits (if any)
Programme expenditure
Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and frequency
Legal Framework
Resolution 150-E / 2017
Population Group
Working age group