Last updated: 23/9/2020
Programme objectives

The program seeks to promote the labour insertion of participants of social plans in formal jobs within the private sector. The participants must be part of programs of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MTEySS) or the Ministry of Social Development (MDS). A monthly economic aid, financed by the state, is granted to companies and serves a an incentive for companies to hire participants of the programs. The subsidy to employment, which is granted to companies for 24 months, serves as a contribution to the net salary of the hired worker.

Geographic area
Previous programme name (if any)
Start date
Programme components
i) Promotion of labour insertion; ii) Economic Assistance.
Contribution type and amount
Targeted areas
Target groups
The target population of this program are those that are part of the following social programs: i) Programs of the Ministry of Labour -Self-managed Work -Build employment - Training for Private Work -Training for Social Organizations -Transition to Complementary Social Salaries -Youth with More and Better Work ii) Programs of the Ministry of Social Development -We make Future -Community Productive Projects
Eligibility criteria
i) Promotion of labour insertion: Be part of social programs of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, and the Ministry of Social Development. ii) Economic Assistance: Hire participants for an indefinite period.
Eligibility reassessment (if any)
Type of benefits
i) The participant must approach Employment Generations and Labour Training (GECAL) or the Employment Office (OE) of your locality to update your information in the employment base and register as a candidate to be called as a priority when there are orders from the companies. The participant can also request in these offices a certificate that he participates in a program to present directly to a company and request to be hired under the regulations. ii) Companies can benefit from a subsidy granted by the government to hire workers through the PIL for Social Programs, this reduces their labour costs in hiring these people. This financial aid will be a principle equal to the subsidy that each person received for participating in the social programs, a value that will be adjusted according to the amounts of the programs. The company can deduct from the cost of the remunerations the economic benefit of the personnel that it contracts for 24 months. To apply for candidates, the company must make a request with demand for profiles and quantities of positions that they wish to hire.
Amount of benefits
ii) Economic Assistance: Salary paid by the employer for each participant hired for 24 months: ARS $9,632.48
Payment/delivery frequency
Benefit delivery mechanism
Minimum and maximum duration of benefits (if any)
Programme expenditure
Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and frequency
The participants and the companies that hire them are registered and connected through the Networking platform, in which all actors must be registered with a 'My Argentina' account.
Population Group
Working age group