World Risk and Adaptation Futures – Social Protection

Social protection is used today to alleviate poverty, ensure health and food security, and ensure people can work productively even when labor markets change. Policy makers and practitioners increasingly ask about the role of social protection to help shield people from negative consequences of weather and climate risks.

Policy, practice and research face knowledge gaps about social protection and climate resilience: 

• Uncertainty – Climate change brings with it a wide range of risks from extreme events like drought and storms that affect livelihoods and food security, to slow onset changes that affect where and how people live, and how people manage risks across the life cycle.

• Complexity – Contemporary social protection programs may need to evolve in flexible, responsive ways as climate risk conditions change.

• Innovation – In a time of burgeoning understanding and application of social protection tools, knowledge gaps can still prevent innovations in helping some of the most vulnerable people manage climate risks.

United Nations University, MCII, the Munich Re Foundation and LMU in collaboration with the UN Climate Secretariat understand these challenges. They are convening the 2020 Academy including more than 20 experts from around the world to tackle these knowledge gaps.

The “World Risk and Adaptation Futures – Social Protection” Summer Academy 2020 programme invites you to explore the question, “What do decision makers in policy and practice need to know about climate risk and adaptation futures from the social protection perspective?” through a series of digital events, each aiming to provide a succinct and policy-oriented discussion based on cutting-edge scientific research and practice. Spread over the month of September, 2020, we aim to address the following three key issues:

• Socio-economic consequences of climate change and its implication for social protection

• Social protection mechanisms for climate change adaptation, including risk sharing and transfer

• Governance of social protection from the climate change perspective 

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