Asian Development Conference 2020: Demographic Change and Human Capital in Asia

The conference aims to promote the discussion of high-quality, frontline research on Asian development among social scientists, development practitioners, and policymakers.

Registration and submission of papers is open to all, but participation in the conference will only be for accepted papers.

  • We invite submissions of unpublished empirical papers, survey articles, historical analyses, and policy-oriented work that advance the understanding of the link between demographic change and human capital in Asia. Topics relevant to the theme include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Demographic change, human capital investment, and economic growth
    • Implications of demographic change on monetary and fiscal policies
    • Effects of demographic transformation on investment and savings
    • Demographic shifts, labor markets, and industrial structure
    • Panel studies of aging and demographic change
    • Poverty, inequality, and aging
    • Financial inclusion of the elderly
    • Universal health coverage and long-term care
    • Economic analysis of physical and mental health of the elderly
    • Policy evaluation of demographic change (education, human resource development policies, retirement, welfare, and housing)
    • Experimental and quasi-experimental approaches to demographic change analysis
  • Register and submit papers by 15 January 2020. You will be notified by e-mail if your paper has been accepted by 15 March 2020.