A few years ago, people of a rural area of Anowara, an upazila (sub-district) of Chittagong, Bangladesh, sowed paddy plants in a road to show their grievance to the Government for not taking steps to furnish that road with  bricks. They had suffered for a long time  using that road, but were not interested in  taking their own united initiative to furnish the road. If the local people of that area wished, they might have been able to make the road usable for traffic. But they would not use their brain and labour to do it, instead waited for the Government for a long time. We know, when people unite , they can do anything. Also today, not only the people of Bangladesh, but many people in under developed and non-developed countries  wait for the Government's steps for all types of development works. There are some places that have many roads not fit for use , no educational institution or many of these destroyed by natural calamities, or students studying in the open sky , also some areas have no hospital or small health centre, poor infrastructure development etc. Whereas the economic conditions of these countries is not good and Governments have no capability to do all the big and small development activities at once , people of those countries can be united and carry out  some small development works taking their own initiative . They need not  wait for the Government and suffer for a long time, but they can unite for work for the country. And by doing this they can relieve the Government, and then the Government will have  the opportunity to concentrate on  large infrastructure development.

We know, from the beginning of the creation of human being, people  do everything as to his/her needs. To survive, they search for food, as well  as developing their lifestyle, dwelling places and surroundings. Time to time, they develop their communication and transportation system and improve their behaviour and build  relationships with others. People did all of these according their needs. Specially, when people attempt to live together they became united and formed into social groups, then they  took steps to develop their livelihood. In the ancient period, there were no states in the world. People did everything independently, worked for the various infrastructure developments, conquered the fears and dangers, made the paths, walkways etc to make the environment friendly for their use. 

However, when the states began to form, people gradually abstained themselves from the development works and  stopped taking the initiative. Since then, people have started to depend on the state and Government. Now the situation is that, although there are is  necessity and suffering in local life, people haven't taken initiative for development activities but rather have waited for the state or Government . Even if it will take so much time, nevertheless they wait for it. Now it  comes to a critical problem with the developing and non-developed countries. People of those countries face many problems and suffering but haven't taken any united development initiative.

Everyone knows that there are many problems of developing and non-developed countries and their economic conditions are not good and some have less skilled manpower. For that reason they  are not able to continue their development activities  all over the country at once  and often fail to develop especially rural areas. Moreover, there are so many social and political problems. Corruption is one of the main factors causing  slow development in many countries.  On one side, they are less able to do development works in the whole country to meet  their needs, and on  the other side, they misuse money through corruption. For that reason, the local development programs work slowly. However, whilst people know of the situation, they are not interested in making the effort for development matters. Rather, they feel interested in blaming the state or government. But, if they wish, they can together do some development works for their country.


Every country around the world should give priority to People Participatory Local Development works. Many NGOs, local and international development organizations can take initiative for building awareness about people participatory local development. Countries and several types of organizations should make people in every area, including rural and remote areas, aware of the possibilities for engaging themselves in need based local development works. Every development work should be done on a needs basis, and before taking any decision, the people or beneficiaries of those areas have to receive the space for giving their opinion about needs. The government and non-government also should encourage the people to engage themselves in every type of development work.

If it is possible to start some small development works by engaging local people mentally,  physically, and financially, I think the development programs will run swiftly and it will be a big positive sign of the developing and non-developed countries to properly proceed their development works. I believe that, if Government, NGO, local and international development organizations, blog forums etc take proper initiative to build up awareness for Participatory Local Development and propagating its positive result, advantage and effectiveness; people will cordially receive it and try to participate.

We know, it is possible; yes, it is possible. If the ancient people did it, why not we now? We can do if we positively want. There should be some options to participate in any type of development work for every person. Some people contribute money, some work mentally and physically and some give land or equipment (which are useful for those development program). For example, to make or repair a local road or school building or dam in the bank of a river, local people can unitedly take their own initiatives for doing this, or can engage themselves in the development works of government and non-governmental organizations.

If motivated, people will take all the initiative as their own needs. Positive awareness can unite local people and involve them in local development works. At first, it is needed to make a combined plan. And it should be non-political but open for all. The main theme of this plan should be to ensure the people participate  together by contributing money, wealth, labour, land, equipment etc. There will be an option to take the Government or state's help in any type of development work but it is not mandatory.

So, people should be aware of this type of local participatory development initiatives and have scope to contribute. Our Government, NGOs, local and international development organizations, blog forums, can have a positive role in building the awareness of local people participatory development.



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