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The vision of the Ministry is "An educated Tanzanian with the requisite knowledge, skills, ability and positive attitude that add value in National development" and its mission is "To put in place and  strengthen structures and procedures which will enable a country to get educated and  continuous learning Tanzanians that add value in National development". The Ministry core functins are: Policies on Education, Research, Library Services, Science, Technology, Innovation, Skills, Training Development and their implementation; Basic Education; Development through Teachers Training Accreditation and Professional Development; Talents Identification and Development; Management of Folk Development Training; Management of National Qualification Framework; Skills Mapping and Development; Teachers’ Professional Standards Development; Schools Accreditation and Quality Assurance; Education Press Services; Promotion of Application of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics; Development of Local Expertise in Science, Technology and Innovation; Research on Science and Technology; Performance Improvement and Development of Human Resources under this Ministry; Extra-Ministerial Departments, Parastatal Organizations, Agencies, Programmes and Projects under this Ministry.


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