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The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MOSAL) is the main authority administrating labour affairs and social matters, including labour inspection.

Department(s) responsible for Labour Inspection

The labour inspection responsibilities are distributed among several institutions and departments.
There are two different inspection systems within the MOSAL, one labour inspection in industrial and commercial sectors and two labour inspections in agriculture. The labour inspection in industrial and commercial sectors is under the Central Directorate of Labour. Labour inspection in agriculture operates out of the Central Directorate of Agricultural Relations.
The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) also under the MOSAL, is responsible for social insurance and occupational safety and health services, including inspection, in all workplaces in all sectors. Such responsibilities overlap with that of the Directorate of Agricultural Relations of the MOSAL.

Law that covers organization and functional composition

  • Labour Law No. 91 of 1959 and its amendments,
  • Agricultural Relations Law No. 56 of 2004
  • Social Insurance Law No. 92 of 1959,
  • Ministerial Decree No. 465 of 4/7/1965 “Regulations on Labour Inspection”
  • Presidential Decree No. 275 of 1958

Scope of labour inspection

The Labour Law and Social Insurance law apply to all workers except domestic workers, employers’ family members and agricultural workers who are covered by the Agricultural Relations Law. Labour inspectors ensure the enforcement of the provision of the law, supply technical information and advice to employers and workers concerning the most effective means of complying with the legal provisions and cooperating with the employers, workers and their organizations to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the law.

The agricultural labour inspectors monitor the implementation of the provisions of law, and in particular working hours, wages, medical care, leaves, child labour, women’s work and individual and collective work contracts; monitor technical measures and precautions concerning work on agricultural equipment and machinery, monitor the health conditions of the farmers’ and workers’ dormitories which are provided by the employers, and investigate serious occupational injuries and diseases and working on ensuring the protection of workers against work related hazards.

Inspectors under the GOSI investigate work injuries, carry out occupational safety and health inspection, raise awareness among employers and ensure that workers are registered and contributions duly paid.

Local divisions

The MOSAL is decentralized in its main structure and is represented in of the 14 regional departments by a regional Directorate of Social Affairs, which has social, employment and inspection functions.