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“Towards a comprehensive and sustainable development”


"To contribute to the development of the Jordanian society in light of its existing and projected needs in order to improve Jordanians’ standards of living, through participatory planning on both local and national levels, and to provide and coordinate assistance through an integrated framework in cooperation with partners".


  1. Teamwork.
  2. Continuous improvement.
  3. Commitment and loyalty .
  4. Transparency.
  5. Initiative and innovation.
  6. Cooperation, coordination and integration with partner

National Goals:

  •  Achieving sustainable growth rate to ensure decent living standards for all citizens
  •  Creating an attractive investment environment capable of attracting foreign capital and promoting domestic investments
  •  Maintaining fiscal and monetary stability, controlling the budget deficit and building an efficient, low-risk financial system
  •  Reducing poverty and unemployment levels and creating an effective social protection system
  •  Achieving development balance between governorates with the application of decentralization
  •  Improving the level of services offered to citizens and fairness in their  distribution
  •  Bringing up a generation capable of creativity and innovation with high productivity
  •  Enhancing the efficiency, independence and integrity of the judicial system