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Coordinated by the World Bank, GDLN is a partnership of over 120 recognized global institutions (Affiliates) in some 80 countries. The Affiliates are as diverse as the Korean Development Institute, the Kenya School of Government - eLearning and Development Institute, the Energy and Resource Institute in India or the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico.

Collectively, Affiliates put on 1000+ learning sessions a year that range from training courses and informal brainstorming sessions to multi-country dialogues and virtual conferences. GDLN learning specialists in these organizations collaborate in designing customized learning solutions for clients. With increasing links to in-country networks, GDLN’s reach now extends to more than 500 access points around the world.

Sessions are designed for specific learning objectives and audiences and also draw on applied knowledge and expertise from across the network. They usually feature a combination of learning techniques, such as expert panels, case based learning and action plans, as well as information and communication tools, used in face-to-face, videoconferencing and e-learning events.

What We Offer

GDLN is present in most major cities and in many secondary cities. We offer direct access to local, regional and international development experts, provide tailored learning programs, knowledge or technical assistance programs, and state of the art facilities for multi-point videoconferencing and internet-based learning.

Our services fall into four broad categories: program and session design, session management and coordination learning product development, and promotion and marketing services.

To download the GDLN Brochure, click here.