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The Ministry of the Economy, Finance is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the economic and financial policy, the management of assets, resources and the debt of the State of financial control of monetary and financial institutions. credit. 
It prepares and implements the government's fiscal and fiscal policy. In this capacity, he oversees the Minister for the Budget, the fight against fraud and the respect of budgetary discipline.
Similarly, it develops and implements, together with the Ministry of Budget, the government's policy on internal resource mobilization, external financing and revenue, and relations with development partners. 
In economic planning, the Ministry of Economy and Finance in charge of Industry and Planning, prepares the strategic orientations of the National Initiative for Social Development.
It is competent in the development of the private sector and as such puts in place the orientations of the government policy on small and medium-sized enterprises, trade, craft and formalization jointly with the Ministry of Trade and Commerce. SMEs, Crafts, Tourism and Formalization. 
It designs and implements the policy and the strategic orientations of industrial development as well as the policy of competitiveness and regional economic integration. In this capacity, he prepares and implements, with the relevant Ministries, the harmonization and regional integration policy.
It is responsible for the design and implementation, jointly with the relevant Ministries, of the economic development policy of the regions of the national territory. In this capacity, he is also responsible for the development of local taxation as part of the development of the regions. 
He is also in charge of the government's policy on consumption and purchasing power. 
The Industrial Company of Mineral Waters of Ali-Sabieh, the New Company of Commerce and the Cement Factory of Ali-Sabieh are under the tutelage of the Ministry.