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The Department of Social Affairs is responsible for initiating, planning, coordinating, harmonising and monitoring accelerated and sustained continental policies, programmes and projects that promote human development and social justice and the well being of all Africans. The AU Constitutive Act provides a framework for the DSA’s work to ‘promote sustainable development at economic, social and cultural levels…’ and ‘promote cooperation in all fields of human activity to raise the living standards of African people’. The Department’s work is based on the growing consensus within Africa on the importance of human development to economic and social progress. Sustainable development in Africa cannot come about unless Africans are educated, healthy, free from poverty and hunger, and secure enough to contribute to and benefit from economic growth.
The Mission of the Department of Social Affairs is to promote a holistic and human-centred approach to socio- economic development. It supports intra- and inter-sectoral coordination of the social sector to alleviate poverty and improving the quality of life of the African people, in particular the most vulnerable and marginalised.